Important Tips To Remember To Protect Yourself During Auto Accidents

Car accidents can be very frightening especially if it is your first time and you don’t know what to do. Auto accidents can be damaging to you emotionally and even financially. This is why you need to protect yourself from this and be prepared for the necessary legal actions. Here are some helpful tips for you on what you can do when such accident happens to you and to protect yourself.

If you are involved in a car accident, you need to stop. Whether it involves a pedestrian, another car, a parked car, a property, or simply anything – it is important that you stop. If you suddenly drive away, you will be charged with “hit and run” even if the accident was never your fault. Stop and call the authorities immediately.

If you have a mobile phone with you, it is important to call the authorities immediately. If there is someone who needs immediate medical attention, call an ambulance. Explain the situation clearly but remember to state only the facts- do not exaggerate or even lie about the situation. Give your exact location to help them arrive quickly. Mention to them if there are any other services that you need such as fire engines or stretchers. Don’t hang up until they tell that it is okay to hang up already.

Tell the Truth but Don’t Admit Fault

It is important that you tell the authorities the whole truth about the auto accident. But you have to remember that you should never admit fault if you want to protect yourself. You should merely state the facts and tell them what happened factually. Do not volunteer any information on who really caused the accident. It is best to talk to your insurance agent and lawyer first before handing out such information. Remember that anything you say to the police can be used against you so you have to be really careful. Additionally, you should also do some note taking yourself. Get the police’s name, precinct number, command and/or barracks. Also, you should ask him how you can get a copy of the incident report because you might need this when filing an insurance claim.


When car accidents occur, it is important to keep your own documents and proof of the incident to protect yourself from individuals and companies that might want to keep you from getting what is due you. Most mobile phones nowadays have built-in cameras that you can use to take pictures of the incident. Make sure that there is a date and time stamped on it. A written description of the car/s after the accident is also an important document that you should keep. Moreover, finding an eyewitness and recoding his statement can also be very helpful to you.

Call an Attorney

Asking the help of attorney can be very helpful to you as well. If you don’t know what to do anymore, he can give you an advice and help you on how you can protect yourself legally.

Auto accidents can be very frightening and most people who experience this often panic and have no idea what to do. It is important that you stay calm and think clearly before doing anything. Moreover, remembering the tips mentioned above can definitely help you protect yourself from any lawsuits.

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