Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Law

Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Law

It’s highly likely we’ll all be involved in some sort of car accident at one point or another in our lives. It could be a fender-bender or it could be a 30-car pile-up. There are several steps you should take, no matter how big or small the accident is and no matter if it’s your fault or the other guy’s. So, before you get your injury attorney on the line, do these steps first:

1. Check Yourself for Injury – always look to yourself before you go to help any passengers you have with you. Bleeding to death while you’re trying to assist people who are less injured than you won’t help anyone out. Make sure you’re ok, then help the next injured person out, starting with the one who is the worst off. If anyone is badly hurt, call for an ambulance. And remember to wait until you and any passengers have been examined by a doctor before you even think about calling a motor vehicle accident lawyer.accident attorneys

2. Check for Fire – this should be easy to do if you slammed into something in front of you, as it’s likely the engine would be on fire if anything is. This might not be so obvious if you were rear-ended and flames are licking at the gas tank under the car. Once you’ve learned the status of everyone in the vehicle you should determine if it’s safe for them to stay in the vehicle or if they should be evacuated. If fire or smoke is detected, evacuate the vehicle immediately, taking extra care with anyone with broken bones. More here @

3. Repeat the Process for Other Vehicles Involved – after you’ve confirmed that everyone with you is safe and is getting the care they need, you should check the others involved in the accident and see if they need any help. Only assist removing them from the vehicle if they are able to give you permission and do so. There are opportunists out there who will sue their rescuer if they get hurt in the evacuation. The next people you’ll be hearing from will be their accident lawyers. Assist them out of any danger after they’ve given permission or you discover they’re incapacitated. Then let them know that an ambulance is on the way.

4. Exchange Insurance Information – as soon as you can, exchange insurance information and phone numbers with the driver of the other vehicle. This sharing of information will help your respective insurance companies sort everything out on the back-end, resulting in a faster claims process. Try and record what they say about the accident if you can, especially if they’re being apologetic. This will help the case your personal injury attorney will later build for you, should you need one.

5. Take Photographs – once the first four steps are completed you’ll likely still be waiting for help to arrive. If you have the chance, take this time to snap some photos of your vehicle, the other driver’s vehicle, and the scene in general. Also take pictures of the injuries you and your passengers sustained, if possible. This will be of tremendous help to both your insurance company and your automobile accident attorney.

By following these steps you will make it easier for police and paramedics to do their jobs when they arrive on the scene, and make it safer for you and your passengers. If you find you need a car wreck lawyer, your prior conduct at the scene as well as the evidence you gathered will only help your case. check this website too

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